June 2018

What a (Father’s) Day

As far as my memory goes back in time, I don’t recall participating in any such event with my father. This event was special for me for that reason, too. I can’t thank Spruha enough for this. But, I can express this by showering her with my already limitless love.

Wayfinding My Writing

Words don’t convey anything until you give them the required context and structure. This means you must permit for their association (with either action or empathy).

Between Varnas and Insights Discovery

The fact is, we all have those four colors in us. Yes, one color is dominant within us all. But, is there more to the story than meets the eye? Find out.


Amidst the bidders, for whom Spoken words make the market, I resort to words unspoken To be the voice of my own. Survived, I have Through nights and days. To survive within each moment, I call upon my soul. Witnessing two reflections, Having faith in faith, I Echo with the right one To shatter the illusory mirror. Floating in the quietude, I lay in pleasurable languor, Flashing mysterious memories. The

Micropoetry: Memoir

What you have left folded Within the wrinkles of life, Becomes evident only when I realize that you gave More than what I ever gained. ©Suyog Ketkar #Gogyohka #Micropoetry

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