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He is a certified technical communicator. He believes that writing continues to be an easy-to-do-but-difficult-to-master job. In his work time, he proudly dons the “enabler” cape. In his non-work time, he dons many hats including one of a super-busy father.

Vultures Around

he vultures that wish to nibble
The crumbs of my plight.
I wish once again
Neither to prove them wrong
Nor myself right.
For I know that I must
Let success speak through my might. Continue reading

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Product Review: Sennheiser HD 350BT Headphones

When you are working from home for a stretch of as long as 10 hours a day, for over 3 months, you need a good pair of headphones. Not because it is a “need” but because, sometimes, the “want” graduates … Continue reading

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Product Review: Logitech K375s

The product and design experience of the Logitech K375s has taught me a lot about good, better designs and user experience. I write all of that in this detailed product review. Continue reading

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The Two Sides of Writing

Any skill that requires you to follow a process has to have mechanics. Anything that is coded within the rules of a language needs artistic intuition to unfold its true, magical potential. Continue reading

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Learning through Writing

The life of a writer is that of a generalist. We are the jack of all trades. And that itself has lended me the most powerful insight: to be a learner, I just have to take the next logical step. As a proud generalist, I have broken down complex topics into simple terms and simple terms into clear messages, and clear messages into actionable, understandable items. One careful step, every time. Continue reading

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Relevance is the Key

It was a busy week for us. Amidst the lockdown and the pandemic, we managed to see the doctor adn got our medical certificates done. Then, over the weekend, we traveled to our hometown. I did all the planning, packing, … Continue reading

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