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About Suyog Ketkar

He is a certified technical communicator. He believes that writing continues to be an easy-to-do-but-difficult-to-master job. In his work time, he proudly dons the “enabler” cape. In his non-work time, he dons many hats including one of a super-busy father.

The Rock-Solid Self

Waves of sorrow smother me. I still stand ashore solid as a rock. #micropoetry Continue reading

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5 Must-Haves in Fiction

The hard thing is that writing about how to write fiction, as I have come to observe, is relatively easier than going about the business of writing fiction. Read more on the site. Continue reading

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AKA Life

The macabre imaginations of non-existence.
The morbid interests of people in my choices.

The manipulative judgements by the wishful mob.
The maniacal interpretations of merciless souls.

The connections between fate is often fashioned.
The coherence between life and logic is often conjectured.

The jolts and surprises of life.
The jeering people nudging me to the pyre.

The velvety words. The coarse assumptions.
The visual appeal of inaudible emotions.

The deceitful intentions.
The demanding expectations.

Life is a smorgasbord.
What else, after all, can I expect it to be.
© Suyog Ketkar Continue reading

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Micropoetry: War Medals

Medals symbolizeNot what’s won but also lost.That’s, the untold story. © Suyog Ketkar #micropoetry #haiku

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Movie in Review: Housefull 4

f there is a lesson that Rana must learn, it is that often people love (or hate) their protagonists not for what they do but for what they could do. Sharad’s voice, eyes, and the sardonic laughter spell that magic for us. More review on Housefull 4 follows on my site. Continue reading

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The Name that Wasn’t

No voice, no noise.No reflection of oneself.No definition; none for assumption.I am not myself. Now here, now there.I pity myself.Now this, now that.I am not myself. Neither today nor tomorrow.I can’t portray the inner self.One’s thoughts, another’s actions.I am not … Continue reading

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