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Creative writing is more an ability than a skill. I believe I write more for me than for others, but it actually is the other way around. And not because of the returns, but for the sheer fun of it. Although I had never really thought of getting FULL TIME into it, but as my luck had it for me… I ended up quite literally WRITING my success story.

Things began cracking when I, after spending handsome time towards sharpening my axe (which in this case is neither a weapon… nor a deodorant) started getting a positive response from people around me. You see, money is not the only thing that has made me stick to my passion. But more than their motivation was my belief… that they were actually motivating me. Now with that, I recall the story of crabs in a bowl… anyway, I too tried going against the flow of the river, and personally, I have LOVED it so far.

I hereby take the courage of disclaiming the exclusive content on this blog – It does not belong to those who thought my glass was half-empty. This blog is more so a one-to-one notepad for me (both one’s here indicate me!) to scribble down my thoughts (kindly refer to the ‘about’ page for more on it), but I have always been a solicitor to “feedback”, which I think has gotten me where I am today.

Toast, to all those who have and will believe that my glass was then half-filled… unfortunately not with beer (and you thought I was always a ‘trunk’).

Greetings from me and my loved ones. May you in your life have happiness, togetherness, health, wealth… ok… and that grand bungalow by the very corner of the lane that you always dreamt of!

Suyog Ketkar


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