Empty Mind: Not Really a Devil’s Workshop!

Empty mind is a devil’s workshop. People say so; it is not my personal opinion though. I know that there of those of you who would not agree with me, but I have logic.

Quietude is very important in life. Everyone must try to seek it. And it is the second (see: the next paragraph for the first step) step towards finding out what is good in you. I do the same: search for the quietude within. It flourishes my intellect and helps me grow more creative. It is during this “inner” exploration that I find what is good in me. What lies under the covers of this personality, what unwinds me to the core, what gives me peace, and what doesn’t.

Just as difficult (impossible!) it is for one to see his reflection in boiling water it is difficult for us to explore what we are good at, unless we learn to control our anger. The purpose of our lives is not to bring everything in just the order it should be (for all those who are perfectionists) or to make sure that it doesn’t happen the way it is written (for the others who are heretics). The purpose, but is to sense the real (and the bigger) meaning of things, evaluate their implication, and do the just. I feel irritated when I deviated from the topic! <Arrghh> OK. So, Step one: Control (or at least learn for gods’ sake!) the art of controlling anger.

Step 3: Prioritize. Make a list every day. Strike-off what’s done. Bring up the undone tasks. Analyze how you can better your pace of finishing things… I forgot the tickets… lost the train of thoughts again!

Step 4: Learn to let go. There are times when things don’t go your way. Well, frankly, you are agitated not because things did not happen the way they should (because they did), you are agitated because things did not happen the way you wanted them to happen! This ain’t how you want it to be. Accept differences, and let go of what happened. Concentrate on what can happen!


Step final: Enjoy. Remember that byline? “Do what you love. Love what you do”. Well, I have edited it for my convenience, “Do what you love: Love what you do”. I write and I love what I do. I enjoy writing, irrespective of how much you enjoy (if you do) reading! Fact of the matter: enjoy. The bliss that you now experience is not an “empty mind”, but the mind that is now purged, cleansed off all the impurity of thoughts.

A mind, thus emptied, isn’t really a devil’s workshop. It is a place you will want to visit more often.

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