The Paper Boat

The life begins with the monsoon.

The life began with the monsoon. Happiness and creativity all along the roads that were filled with rainwater, the downstream of which took with it, the utter pleasures of paper boats.


Paper boats, are the dreams of those who have lived. It takes time for one to realize that the rains that stay long are the ones that bring longer rides – and more number of stories to narrate, later!

And, there is more to the rains than just enjoying them, for rains won’t last for a lifetime but the the memories will. Even the paper boat, which was made to sail for only a couple of blocks, will remember its journey, from being torn out of the notebook, to the last stone it took with itself, into the eternity.

You made that paper boat, to enjoy, relish, and to make the rains memorable for you, and hence you are happy. The paper boat too is, because it is given that opportunity to live a life of its own – a life with you, and not for you. It knows that its life is only a bit more than the life of a rain drop.

It will be just as difficult for it to begin its journey as it was for you when you began yours’. A lot of folds it has been made to go through, before it took its final shape. And as it is its nature, it will soon get drenched and dissolved in water. But it still sails, smiles at the journey it set for.

Although the journey will still be difficult, but that does not deter the boat off its commitments. It will stop and stumble, just as you did. It will get pushed down, upturned, drenched, like you! But it still won’t complain. Remember, you may need to push it a bit, bring it to the mainstream, clear its path, just as it was done for you.

And then, you will cross a bridge when it will set to continue its journey on its own, just as you have realized for yours’. Life is too short to live without a dream. Take the pride in letting go off that boat. Short lived it might be. But it will remember you having believed in it. Rains are there, and rains will be there. What matters in the end, is if you could set that paper boat free.

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