The Rock-Solid Self

Waves of sorrow smother me. I still stand ashore solid as a rock. #micropoetry

Micropoetry: War Medals

Medals symbolizeNot what’s won but also lost.That’s, the untold story. © Suyog Ketkar #micropoetry #haiku

Micropoetry: The Wait is Over

Time flies, I would say.
Cuddles, and not Calls today;
My Princess comes back.

© Suyog Ketkar

From Micropoetry to Tech Comm: Connecting the Dots

There exist some common threads for micropoetry and technical communication, after all.

Micropoetry: Memoir

What you have left folded Within the wrinkles of life, Becomes evident only when I realize that you gave More than what I ever gained. ©Suyog Ketkar #Gogyohka #Micropoetry

Micropoetry: Humility

As I prepare myself for Another serve of humility, I realize the distinction between Medicine and food for thought Is blurred in real life. ©Suyog Ketkar #Gogyohka #Micropoetry Gogyohka, pronounced GO-GEE-YO-KUH, is a Japenese form of five-line micropoetry that—unlike Haiku or Senryu—doesn’t rest on the principle of the number of syllables. It relies on your power of speaking directly.

Micropoetry: Lullabies

Lullabies flew like water from eyes. Cries were for the Ward, Not for toys. ©Suyog Ketkar Senryū is a form of micropoetry that contains 17 or lesser syllables spread across not more than three lines. Although this attempt isn’t driven by humor, Senryu mostly is used to describe the human aspect on a lighter note.


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