A Cure Within

With a depressed soul Enjoying the indifference of nothing; The repressed feelings spurted; And an inconsolable self – laid silent, I rode the turbulent tides within. Milestones guiding to hell, A clueless tread to an unexplored trail, Each turn bringing to self, And no one, but myself to help. Priced for being good, this tiny [...]

A Thought, I am.

With a heart brimming with sunshine, An oath that’s full of belief, And, a cup full of coffee and relief, I am all set to shine. ... With answers to questions, With purpose to assumptions, From your thoughts to mine. I am all set to shine. ... Between wise and their wisdom, From the words [...]

What’s the Difference Between Book Blurb and Synopsis?

Both project the book to different sets of readers. A book blurb SHOULD NOT contain the conclusion because it is a sales pitch, while a synopsis is a 200-word version of the book itself. Here's the elaborate version.