YouTube: 5 Must-Haves in Storyboarding for E-Learning

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Only You

Amongst the notes, she found a poem that, as a folded paper, was tucked inside a notebook. To her surprise, my handwriting looked completely different back then. To my surprise, my writing seemed completely different back then. She thought it was more artistic. I thought it was pretty lame of me to concentrate on rhyming words just for the sake of it. Thinking past our contrasting thoughts, we discovered that the poem had also unfolded with it a flood of memories, none of which were inked on the paper and yet had left their marks…

YouTube: Clutter-free Writing

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YouTube: Write Better Backstories

Hi there! For this week’s video, I have chosen to talk about backstories. Through this video, we will discuss answers to 5 key questions on backstories. And, by the end of this video, we will be able to #WriteBetterBackstories. You may watch the video here: Oh! And, I’d love to hear your feedback on it. Please Like, Share, Subscribe, and Comment. šŸ™‚

YouTube: 5 Must-Haves to Write a Great Story

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3 Key Takeaways from Apple Event 15 Sep 2020

So, as Apple concluded its first big event, a first online event, for 2020, I could not help but think how carefully it designed and integrated everything into that one big thing that matters. This post is a result of that contemplation, and here’s what I’ve found: Watching the Wrist: Listening Well Enough As parents, we appreciate if our children listen to us. In fact, as friends, we want the

YouTube: 5 Challenges for Learners of English as a Second Language

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YouTube: 5 Must-Haves in a Book Review

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YouTube: 3 Reasons to Write the Ending First

When it comes to writing a novel, everyone has their own styles and preferences. Some write the starting first and then chalk out things as they write along. They are, typically, the pantsers who fly by their pants as they seat themselves to write. I prefer to chalk out all things before I begin to write. In this video, I share the top 3 reasons I think it is a

Strike Oā€™ Muse

Today, my mother turns 62 years young. Of all she has learnt from her life, the essence, she knows, remains in never settling, ever pursuing, and setting high standards for everything. If this already means trouble for us (Iā€™m chuckling as I write this), it means that we, too, have to continuously better ourselves at everything we do. Tomorrow, she retires from her workplace. Over 30 years of her employment


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