Being Humble

Being Humble

Strike here. Gone there.
The Kafkaesque nature of
The momentary thought
Is worthy of being rare.

Doing. Redoing.
Writing. Wiping. Committing.
How else will you otherwise
Wayfind that Something?

Patience, my friend,
Is a costly affair.
If it strikes, it’s fair.
If it doesn’t, it still isn’t unfair.

Failure or pressure.
Spark or seizure.
Will you or won’t you
Then find the pleasure?

Being Wrong is fine.
Accepting Mistakes: even better.
Assuming ‘Another Fresh Start’
Is, quite humbly, the way to the Divine.
©Suyog Ketkar

Life, Sort of, Makes Sense!

It must be logic,For we hide carefully our aces. It must be magic,For even a thought can take us places. It must be tragic,For else why would people switch their stances? It must be a mirror,For a few change faces. It must be an accomplishment,For some deal with it in paces. It must be a sieve,For that’s how we treat our experiences. It must be a choice,For that’s why we

Keep Writing

What is your reason to write? Through this poem, I find if I need one.

Just Another Lens

Through these strangely amusing and simple ways, He (or is it She?) continues to teach me life lessons that then flow through my words, such as these.

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Only You

Amongst the notes, she found a poem that, as a folded paper, was tucked inside a notebook. To her surprise, my handwriting looked completely different back then. To my surprise, my writing seemed completely different back then. She thought it was more artistic. I thought it was pretty lame of me to concentrate on rhyming words just for the sake of it. Thinking past our contrasting thoughts, we discovered that the poem had also unfolded with it a flood of memories, none of which were inked on the paper and yet had left their marks…

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