YouTube: 10 Easy Tips on Novel Writing for Beginners

For this week’s video, I present my top 10 tips on #Novel #Writing for #Beginners on #WordsAndWordsmith. Watch the video here or on YouTube: (  Don’t forget to Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe.

YouTube: 5 Challenges for Learners of English as a Second Language

Watch the video here:

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YouTube: 3 Easy Tips on Breaking through the Writer’s Block

I’ve released my new video on YouTube. This time, I share my easy tips on how to break through the writer’s block. What it on #WordsAndWordsmith. Don’t forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe. 🙂

Top 3 Tips for Writing Crisp Sentences

What should I look for to construct better sentences? Let us find out…

Give Some Space

Sorry for a clickbait title… I wanted one with a play of words. The article isn’t really aimed at people who are old enough to have learned (learnt for those who speak the English English) typing on typewriters, but also for those who are still taught to use two spaces after every sentence. The trend has (almost) changed. In the past, people used two spaces for a reason: typewriters had

Between Varnas and Insights Discovery

The fact is, we all have those four colors in us. Yes, one color is dominant within us all. But, is there more to the story than meets the eye? Find out.

This Post Ain’t Got Nothing

Usually, double negatives are absolute No-No anywhere. But, I bring this up for discussion because I see some of us use them—in workplaces and outside. Now, why would we use them? Because we hear people around us using them. Simple logic: if everyone is using it, it must be right. Oh, you can blame it on Hollywood’s portrayal of the good Ol’ Texas ranches and Cowboys, too. A double negative

Be Content with Content

As I continue to choose a (better) combination of tools and methodologies, I continue to steer farther away from the focus on the content. We have complicated the process of creating and managing that content. What’s the way out?

Why I Don’t Write Every Day

The primary purpose of rules—like writing every day—is to help us become more efficient. But, if the rules hinder the very path that leads us to raised efficiency levels, we must break them.

Writing Humor: Being Seriously Funny

Writing is hard. Writing good humor is harder. That’s because truth lies at the core of humor.


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