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Mind this when Writing a Novel

Yes, the story is one of the most important things that you should have to tell or share. But a novel isn’t only about the story. You may have the best story to tell. But if you don’t tell it the way people would like to listen to, then, sorry, you will lose your audience. I read a novel to relive the story I read. Based on the way it is described in the novel, I recreate it in my mind. And, I like to see the perfect picture.

So, it should be about how well you describe things. Right?

No. If it were only about descriptions, then academic and literary essays would tell you well-researched stories way better than novels would. Then, why would anyone even peep into the world of fiction? A description can only get you so far. Here’s another key for you: the description of gargoyles in Far from the Madding Crowd builds the story. Continue reading

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Mankading: The Case of Ethics vs Laws

Life is a curious case of choices. The choices make us who we are. The choices may or may not be ours, but they do influence us a great deal. But, as we look at it closely, life isn’t any … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Chronicles – Episode 13

To Work on Not to Work Continue reading

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Vignettes of Writing

Writing requires you to dig out the priceless wisdom of doing and redoing the same stories as if your mind were a bottomless mine of never-ending thoughts. Continue reading

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What the Year Brought

As I step into another year, I look back at the top 3 things 2018 brought for me: Versification I once said that I don’t often versify. That all changed in 2018. I wrote not one or two, but more … Continue reading

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Contribution to STC India Annual Conference 2018

I transform complex
technical information into
some simple, usable chunks
of actionable items. I help
people do wonderful things. Continue reading

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