So far, I’ve authored one book. My poems have also featured in an anthology.

The Write Stride is available on Amazon. You may purchase a copy using this affiliate link.

The Write Stride

For a write, who is passionate about not just what is writes but also how he does, the word “writing” itself is not enough; it is an experience that I have lived for all these years. The Write Stride – A Conversation with Your Writing Self is my attempt at conveying what it takes to communicate the correct message correctly. For such reasons, it is the Write stride.

They say that you must do what you love, otherwise you will have to love whatever you do. I have begun discovering the writer within me some time back. And the journey onwards, since then, has been interesting. I look forward to the future.

It is surprisingly difficult for a first-time author to talk about writing when it is his job and passion. Somehow, the book has continued to hold it strongly.

Deccan Reveries

In 2020, the chosen few poets and writers from Pune came together to contribute their work (In English and Hindi languages) and create an anthology. Thus was born the Pune Poets Anthology. The curated form of it, called the Deccan Reveries: Pune PoetsAnthology, released on 9 February 2021 on Amazon.

I have two poems in the work. Please refer to page 54 and 55, titled Wait Until Dawn, O’ Muse and The Silent Wail.

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I have two poems in the Pune Poets Anthology.