YouTube: 5 Must-Haves in a Book Review

What the YouTube video now:

YouTube: 3 Reasons to Write the Ending First

When it comes to writing a novel, everyone has their own styles and preferences. Some write the starting first and then chalk out things as they write along. They are, typically, the pantsers who fly by their pants as they seat themselves to write. I prefer to chalk out all things before I begin to write. In this video, I share the top 3 reasons I think it is a

Strike Oā€™ Muse

Today, my mother turns 62 years young. Of all she has learnt from her life, the essence, she knows, remains in never settling, ever pursuing, and setting high standards for everything. If this already means trouble for us (Iā€™m chuckling as I write this), it means that we, too, have to continuously better ourselves at everything we do. Tomorrow, she retires from her workplace. Over 30 years of her employment

YouTube: 3 Easy Tips on Breaking through the Writer’s Block

I’ve released my new video on YouTube. This time, I share my easy tips on how to break through the writer’s block. What it on #WordsAndWordsmith. Don’t forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe. šŸ™‚

YouTube: Memoir Writing 101

Here’s my latest video on what is memoir writing and why and how to write one?

YouTube: How to Develop a Reading Habit

I’ve just released my new video on #YouTube, where I share my top 10 tips for beginners on how they can develop a reading habit. Watch it here:

YouTube: How do I Increse the Word Count of My Novel?

Not sure how to increase the word count of your novel? I share 3 easy tips in this video…

YouTube: How to Create Believable Characters in Fiction Writing?

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Memoir: Mathematics and Me

Probably that is why, in Sanatana Dharma, there weren’t any mainstream subjects. Learning came through exploration as much as observation; through listening as much as doing; and, through all streams of knowledge that flew into this mind from all directions, giving it the influx of the much-needed wisdom. All of our spiritual leaders and Maharshis wore all of those hats: arts, mathematics, religion, science. The most important takeaway is that they were all probers. They all passed through the same stages of truth: seeking, discovering, questioning, and finding. I do the same whenever I am writing.

Vultures Around

he vultures that wish to nibble
The crumbs of my plight.
I wish once again
Neither to prove them wrong
Nor myself right.
For I know that I must
Let success speak through my might.


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