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Vignettes of Writing

Writing requires you to dig out the priceless wisdom of doing and redoing the same stories as if your mind were a bottomless mine of never-ending thoughts. Continue reading

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भास असे हे भाषेचे

भास असे हे भाषेचे एकाएक मी अनुभवले कोठे भाग घेऊनि भागले कोठे भाग देउनी उरले एक असते ते वीट येणे एक तो सर्वज्ञ उभा विटेवरी कोणी विचारले भाव जगातले कोणी सांगितले भाव मनातले कर्मयोगी ने मान मिळवला हठयोगीने मान ताटली … Continue reading

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A Tug of War with Life

Of the two Things to choose— Between Love and Hate— I’d neither love to hate nor hate to love. Of the two Days that lay— Between birth and death— I’d learn to live the present. Of the two States to … Continue reading

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Movie in Review: Uri, The Surgical Strike

Movies come and go, but only a few can mark their presence on the movie-goer’s timeline. Uri: The Surgical Strike marks its presence in the same way. The movie strikes the right message at the right time, and with surgical … Continue reading

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Movie in Review: The Accidental Prime Minister

It is for the first time I see both an uproar and appreciation for a documentary; perhaps because work of art is shot with both great dedication and caution. The end of the era of MMS brings Narendra Modi on the screen and public opinion on the surface. Every time Rahul Gandhi came on the screen, the audiences began laughing even though his dialogues didn’t demand so. But, applause followed the sequence where MMS gives way to Narendra Modi. No one said a word; a lot was still said. Continue reading

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When the scorching gusts of heat
Fade the tears in your eye,
Recite the songs of the Spring,
Believe that seasons change, ask not why.

When circumstances are bleak,
Your bivouac is left far behind,
Choose what you must—
That let me not remind.

When without the trails
Should You journey barefoot,
Seek sojourns within a companion
In whose heart you could stay put.

When You, and only You,
Represent souls in the strife.
Look within as much as without.
Surely, the only rule of life.

When the days are few
You count each one anew
Amidst the hellish weather that
Destroys your crop that’s but already few.

Remember, always, to stand tall
And present the challenges a full face;
That You are your own harvest:
Be that befitting reply; and the one with grace.
©Suyog Ketkar Continue reading

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