The Writer’s Chronicles – Episode 3

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The Writer’s Chronicles – Episode 2

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The Writer’s Chronicles – Episode 1

The Writer’s Chronicles comics are out now! The Writer’s Chronicles is about the everyday life of the protagonist, Knight Writer. The writer is a reflection of you and me, the everyday heroes. Here is the life of a writer who chuckles away to the writing glory… much like us. The stories are indicative and do not intend to harm the sentiments of any one of any religion. For full resolution,

Five Things I Must Do as a Writer

It is not about the content but about the story in that content; not about what you wish to share but how you share it. Writing is the first thing that I should do as a writer. But, what are the other four things?

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Content

Inspired by the famous book, Seven Signs of Highly Effective People, I have prepared my personal list of seven signs of highly effective content. The writing is reader-centric and may not appeal to the core tech-writing communities, but the work is of my own and is, of course, effective. Read on! Note: This stub contains the link to the articles, which is tucked within this site. The stub is for only

Playing the Lingual Vigilante

Just as every writer, I too have seen a lot of instances, where words are misspelled or misused and can be misinterpreted. So, what do I do about it? Just like every other writer, I keep a record of it. And, this post is a small record of this blog. Consider the link for what I encountered, and how does it feel to play the lingual vigilante. Note: This stub


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