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The Writer’s Chronicles – Episode 9

Coining a Term For full resolution, visit:

The Writer’s Chronicles – Episode 8

What’s a Plot? For full resolution, visit:

Writing Humor: Being Seriously Funny

Writing is hard. Writing good humor is harder. That’s because truth lies at the core of humor.

The Writer’s Chronicles – Episode 7

What is the most important part of writing?

The Writer’s Chronicles – Episode 6

Episode 6 of The Writer’s Chronicles is here. See it today.

The Writer’s Chronicles – Episode 5

A very happy new year to you! The Silent Conversations For full resolution, visit:

Lessons on Branding and Growth

For me, success is subject to only a few things, two of which form the core learning from the day 9 and 10 lessons, respectively: engagement and persistence.

Lessons on Branding and Growth

Social connection and interaction, in context of the learnings I have received, is both the origin and the destination of the content on this site. If I were to assign a term to it, it would be a progressive loop of interaction: something I said in my book, too.

Lessons on Branding and Growth

I am giving the readers something that they wish to read about.

Lessons on Branding and Growth

I cannot cover everything in one day. I agree. No one can become a master in one day. Not even masters became who they are, overnight.


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