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What a (Father’s) Day

As far as my memory goes back in time, I don’t recall participating in any such event with my father. This event was special for me for that reason, too. I can’t thank Spruha enough for this. But, I can express this by showering her with my already limitless love. Continue reading

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Wayfinding My Writing

Words don’t convey anything until you give them the required context and structure. This means you must permit for their association (with either action or empathy). Continue reading

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The Delightful Life

Beholding the sunrise, As I trace the ocean’s footprints on sands, The drenched shore slips from under my feet, Life becomes a delight. Trailing through the woods, As I listen to the rustling leaves that Share with me the recitals … Continue reading

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The Day Tour of Cambridge

I didn’t cover everything. I couldn’t. But then, I realize that if I cover everything in one visit, what will I plan the next visits for? Considering that I meant business when I flew into Cambridge, the city has intrigued me enough to shift the target of my next visits. As I head back home, I remain a travel bug hungry for more. Continue reading

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No Such Thing as Aspiring Writer

As we have this conversation, you and I, our garden of emotions begin to flourish. We being to plant new seeds of thoughts. We bring our mental ears closer to our hearts to listen to the beats within. We begin to experience the warmth of stories garnished with facts and experiences. We may even venture walking barefoot through the thorny pathways that lead to the light. But, most importantly, we begin to happen. We begin to realize. Continue reading

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Writing Humor: Being Seriously Funny

Writing is hard. Writing good humor is harder. That’s because truth lies at the core of humor. Continue reading

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