yad yad ãcarati…

yad yad ãcarati śreşţhas tat tad evetaro janaḥ
sa yat pramãņaṁ kurute lokas tad anuvartate

Whichever and however a great personality conducts himself common men follow; whatever he accepts as authority that and that alone certainly all the world will follow. Therefore, a leader must preach what he is taught and teach as he preaches.

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3, Verse 21

The Knowledge of the Knowledge.

There isn’t anyone in this world who knows more than they don’t know. But, there are those who feel that way! Based on the famous thought from Confucius, this post relates our knowledge about knowledge, and the connection of it with technical communication; read on.

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The Paper Boat

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The Spyglass

It is long since I have written anything on the blog. And a lot has changed between these times. The thoughts, that were once scattered, have been gathered; on purpose. The dark clouds are cleared. The horizon is visible. The sail is set. The destination is clear – even without the spyglass.

Time has the answers. Time had the answers. And it is not just the answers that have surfaced. Efforts did not go in vain. They never did. But for a man, who had lost directions, the dark night seemed never-ending. Gain has had the greater meaning in life. Profits and losses are but meager figures. And so have the direction-manuals that would have otherwise had me stuck to the map. It is only now when I set the sail, get onboard, I see that clearer skies would never have made the difference – the difference between then and now.


Turbulence, if it was, then the everyday challenges tomorrow shall be no smaller. It is the only assurance today.  I am to sail, a journey that has more miles to go than ever gone and more to see than seen ever before. The unmapped shores await footprints, for only then the waves shall be worthy of their lives – of bringing with them the rare conch shells ever-undiscovered by those who never dared to look beyond the pleasures that prevail the dark nights.

I have dared to learn from the turbulent nights. The bright sunny days will only make me explore further. And farther I shall go, for I have come far enough already with time, to decipher the difference between falsity and felicity of inner-exploration. And so I see this journey, within, doesn’t need that spyglass!


The Thin Line

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