The thin line!

Great expectations turn bad with the passage of time.

Once you know the gravity & depth in your strengths there is no stopping you. The pain is when your close ones don’t want to become hurdles to your growth & back off! That is when things go deeper than expected, making you realize how deep & meaningful is the love you have shared. But this “freedom” has its own costs. For with a deal won, you’ve lost a life-time association. And then the mind as usual plays games; making us go blank at even the right foot forward.

What worth are the deal and the freedom, if they can’t get us our life back? Will only giving space give us an assurance that things will be in order? Could things really be fine? Just as you or me wanted them to be?

The trick is to catch hold of that thin line between a “let go off” & “I’m contended”! For making a living is as important as making a life! The trick is to not let go off your love, your life, your dreams, your people, your passion, your tradition, your creativity, and yet perform at the level bests, every time, committing greater performance to yourself, every next attempt. And then that’s about pushing your limits, successfully.

For it is only the love your people and you share that will get you what you want, easier, faster & better.

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